Client Story: How We Helped Nicole and Her Family Move Fast

Client Story: How We Helped Nicole and Her Family Move Fast

Nicole Brooks survived a terrible burn, only to be left in a situation that only Property Problem Solvers could solve…

In life, it is not every day that we get a chance to help someone at such a profound level that it changes their life. But when you get that opportunity, I strongly encourage you to take it. Let me tell you Nicole's story...

Several years ago, Nicole experienced a severe burn while trying to rescue her children from a fire inside her home. Her actions are no less than heroic and amazing. However, they left her with permanent scars and trauma. Over 40% of her body received 3rd and 4th degree burns. She was evicted after this happened and even had to fight to keep her children. Here is a Wink News story covering her experience.

In late 2020, Nicole made an offer on one of our properties in Macon, GA. She was living in the area, but the place she lived required her children to go to a school where they were being severely bullied. She was desperate to leave that place fast and find a safe place for her kids. We accepted her offer and were proud to help her find a new place.

The Day Before Closing...

Then tragedy struck yet again. The day before we were supposed to close to sell her our property, Nicole got her proceeds ($$$) from the sale of the home she was living in. As it turned out, she would be about $2500 short to close and buy the home we had her under contract to buy. Nicole had no family or friends that could support her. She had nowhere left to live (she had sold her other place to get ours) and without this $2500, she and her children would have been homeless.

Additionally, she had nothing to move. Literally, she had no kitchen or bathroom things, just the clothes on her back and her kids' back.

When You Get an Opportunity to Help... You Do It!

Property Problem Solvers was made aware of the situation by Nicole's agent, Stephanie Calderon. Stephanie called Jason and asked him if there was anything we could do. Jason sprung into action calling all the team members of Property Problem Solvers. He also called friends and family.

"We immediately gave Nicole a $2500 price reduction on a home she was buying from us. We lowered the price for her to help her solve her problem property, not because it was the right business move to make, but it was the right HUMAN move to make."

-Jason, Property Problem Solvers

The team was able to go and buy her and her family gift cards adding up to over $1000 to help her buy the things she would need to move her family into the new home.

Here is a video of her and her children at the closing...they had no idea the gift cards were coming and were just overwhelmed.

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